kodachi148 (kodachi148) wrote,

Nooooooes, ma parasooooool

My poor parasol :<


It finally broke. My meta parasol of 4 years finally went to the great closet in the sky. A rib broke. It was a wonderful parasol. It's sunbleached and have teeny holes in the fabric but brah, you don't know the life it had. It was a good life. It traveled so many states, it was at concerts, marveled and held by the famous and noteworthy, durable in even hurricanes and Maryland drop-down cloud bursts. It was pretty but also really pretty practical. It kept my head dry, it kept me from feeling like a fried egg on the hottest of days, the best parasol a lolita could ask for. Even when I wore normal ppl clothes, it didn't look out of place.


Welp, time for a new one. I wonder if parasols are sold at Otakon. Brand ones, that is. Why it have to break on the first day?

Tags: lolita, nonsense
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