kodachi148 (kodachi148) wrote,


Almost done with taxes, just gotta wait for two more W-2's because...frankly, I wish I had stable employment. I am unemployed far too suddenly and way too much for someone who works in libraries. Looks like I need EEOC on speed dial now.

I had a road trip to VA yesterday for a P.O.D. show, it was alright but I need to get my phone back in order because I have gotto rely on GPS, not my own intelligence.

Also, partially related, turns out I qualify to join Mensa because my IQ is in the 98th percentile. I don't really wanna, tho. It's not like joining AAA, there's no real benefit and, like AAA, costs a bunch of money. Just to show off I'm smart? Nah. Besides, they don't seem appealing.

Tags: music, nonsense
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